About Me

My name is Gideon Liang, a PHP Programmer with over 10 years' work experience. Actually, I also had served a Christian Fellowship in China for over 1 year as a Web Desinger (PSD and HTML/CSS).

I think I am the person who desire to live in a tech world and study more skills at very day, that just likes my domain name : iKeepStuying.

About iKeepStudying

  1. iKeepStuying (技术导航站)
  2. iKeepSharing (Share your images)
  3. iKeepCoding (Share your coding)
  4. GLS Framework (Free)
  5. My Programming Blog (Chinese 中文)
  6. My Front-end Blog (Chinese 中文)
  7. Multilanguage Bibles

Professional Skills

  1. PHP(5 or 4). Pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks (codeigniter,cakephp,magento,wordpress,octopress...) and MVC (Model View Controller)
  2. Apache / MySQL
  3. PEAR
  4. XML / HTML 5, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0/1.1 / DOM / CSS1, CSS2, CSS3
  5. JavaScript. Pure JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Node.js, JSON and AJAX
  6. Smarty
  7. Linux (Ubuntu) / Mac OS X / LAMP and WAMP / Shell Programming (BASH/ZSH, Sed/Awk)
  8. Git
  9. iOS / Mobile site
  10. Markdown
  11. SEO


  1. Web Hosting
  2. Web Consulting
  3. Website Maintenance
  4. Website Development
  5. PHP Programming
  6. SEO Optimization
  7. Social Network
  8. GLS Framework, Open-source
  9. Debug PHP
  10. Programming Training


iKeepStudying (09/2008 - )

  1. Built E-Commerce Sites: Custom Shopping Cart and Open Source E-Commerce (Magento)
  2. CMS Development: Custom CMS and Open Source CMS (Wordpress / Octopress)
  3. Custom Javascript Effects utilizing custom JS Framework, HTML5, CSS, and XHTML. (Gallery, Popup, Carousel, Video, Drag, Grid/Data, Chart, Tree/Menu, Form, Social Tools ... )
  4. Website Maintenance: E-Mail, Maps, API, Member Management, Testing and Fixing Error, 3rd Party Add-on Generation, Build Admin Tools , Social Networking ...
  5. Wrote site scrapers utilizing the DOM, PHP5, Linux and Intra-Framework.
  6. Developed and Maintained code for various websites.
  7. Added new modules and Extended for websites.
  8. Migrated and Re-factored multiple sites.
  9. Analyzed logs and Code to fix security issues.
  10. Managed SEO of websites
  11. Managed/Supported Website/App of Mobile or Tablet (iOS)

China (09/2005 - 09/2008)

  1. Computer Repair and Maintenance
  2. System Update and Security
  3. Web Design
  4. PSD to HTML/CSS


  • Immanuel Genius
  • Pure Lion Lighting
  • LA Dossier
  • Eric House
  • Dreyer's Lumber
  • JD Church
  • Insound
  • Shout It Aloud
  • Equinox Hotel
  • Paul Im DDS
  • The Primordials


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